Say good bye to burns with Pluviophile Tanning Oil as you get that amazing color that many will be jealous of.
When it’s time to head to the beach or sunbathe by the pool, a little tanning oil can go a long way to help enhance a gorgeous golden glow. With Pluviophile, you can count on getting perfectly bronzed while getting maximum protection and hydration for your skin. Your bronzing will be gradual while at the same time will prevent the annoying usual aftermath of tanning of peeling skin.If you’re used to your white skin getting burned and pink after you tan, Pluviophile changes that into a beautiful and healthy tan and a shimmer that’ll make you stand out at the beach as our tanning oil has golden particles that’ll make you glow as you tan.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Keeps skin soft
  • Built in natural SPF: Protects the skin while hydrating it at the same time
  • Built in shimmering effect
  • Prevents after sun rashes and pimples
  • Minimizes moisture loss of the skin
  • Minimizes tanning risks
  • Olive Oil: Darkening oil
  • Sun flower: Has a natural affinity to the sun, rich in anti oxidants and Vitamin E, natural SPF factors that protect against sun damage
  • Coconut Oil: Provides deep hydration to your skin, suitable for sensitive skin, smoothens the skin while you tan
  • Beta carotene: Stimulates melanin formation that gives you that beautiful bronze glow
  • Beeswax: Prevents moisture loss, Anti inflammatory
  • Vitamin E: Potent Anti Oxidant that protects you from the harmful effects of the sun damage