For a natural and effortless look

No one can tell that you’re wearing make up with Pluviophile’s innovative liquid blush!

Its time to put away your heavy foundation and makeup and let your natural glow and blushed skin shine through. There is no reason your skin can’t look like you’re permanently on summer vacation with an effortless glow! Swap out your full-coverage powder and blushes for lighter, more airy option, and bring that glow with you wherever you go. Liquid blush offers a refreshing and more natural alternative to powder. No matter what your look is, the liquid blush offers the perfect amount of coverage and color, whether you are heading out to the beach or heading into the boardroom.

  • Super bendable and buildable/li>
  • Gives you a natural lit-from-within-look
  • 100% natural water based, oil free ingredients
  • Whole day coverage
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Geranium and lavender fragrance
  • Natural Biodegradable dye that fades naturally off the face
  • Apply with a sponge or a beauty blender or even with your fingers and voila you get your natural blushed look!