The optimal full blown treatment for your feet!
Feet are always neglected when it comes to exfoliating, but like any other area of the body your feet also needs to be exfoliated to remove the dead and dry skin.
Pluviophile’s exfoliating soaking salt offers an all encompassing solution for your feet.

Composed of natural mineral salts that soften the dead skin, penetrate deep skin levels from the inside out, Pluviophile’s exfoliating soaking salt works on rejuvenating your skin while also

  • First use results
  • Product high in magnesium: Relaxes veins in the feet
  • No acid: Perfectly safe for diabetics
  • Removes dead skin, corns, and calluses
  • Soothes achy feet
  • Provides relief for minor skin irritations
  • Removes any odor from the feet
  • Helps treats symptoms of Athletes foot
  • Helps treat symptoms of toenail fungal infections
  • Used to whiten yellow nails and dark spots