Deeply rooted in Pluviophile products is our belief in the efficacy of all natural organic ingredients. Pluviophile offers a new type of cosmetics that provides the right balance between the benefits of pharmaceutical solutions and an indulging beauty experience. With Pluviophile cosmetics, you no longer having to choose between naturalness, effectiveness and glamour.

Pluviophile cosmetics products offer unique solutions that are developed and formulated differently than what is currently in the market. Our solutions guarantee noticeable results from first use, results that will restore your belief in nature.

Our company was inspired by the rich Lebanese nature and the abundance that it has to offer. from the beautiful green valleys to the cedar adorned mountains, Lebanon’s beauty and its preservation is at the heart of Pluviophile, from ethical sourcing of ingredients to the commitment of its preservation. Pluviophile aims to give back to Lebanon a little of what it gives every day.

We try to get as close as possible to achieving a 100% organic product without sacrificing the effectiveness of it. Our use of synthetic ingredients is very limited, with Pluviophile constantly improving formulas towards more natural products, only resorting to synthetic ingredients when they are good and necessary.

Founded in 2015 by Pharmacy graduate Souad M. Haidar-Ahmad who graduated top of her class in pharmacy and biotechnology from GUC, and pursued her studies in natural and organic cosmetics formulations which inspired her to produce her own line of natural cosmetics that serve a pharmaceutical purpose. Pluviophile cosmetics was created to fill the large gap in the market for cosmetics that are natural and have a pharmaceutical benefit. The name was inspired from her love of rain and all things natural, as Pluviophile means literally: One that loves rain, coming from the latin word pluvio for rain and phile for lover, as the inspiration for her products.